Beautiful, usable websites for every device. With Drupal

When client expectations are high and creativity is key, Archetype 5 relies on Drupal, a content management system that offers the flexibility to customize without sacrificing performance. Whether we’re building a large University website or a brochure-ware site, our clients require the ability to modify their products. Because A5 nurtures an environment where designers and programmers collaborate, we invest in a tool that continually improves organically – the same way we evolve to meet the needs of our clients.

A5′s Drupal Practice

DrupalA5′s team boasts a broad range of skills and talents. With Drupal, we are able to develop a mature practice, using custom modules and packaged solutions that can be altered and enhanced with every new project. At A5, we strive to accommodate our clients’ every need and expectation, so we use Drupal’s extensive features – information, images, blogs, video, faceted search via Solr and more – to provide create solutions efficiently.

A5 and Drupal: A Winning Combination

  • With A5′s full-service capabilities and Drupal’s reputation as one of the best website frameworks available, we’re able to meet objectives for nearly and organizational structure or project scope.
  • Drupal enables A5 to provide innovative solutions without the constraints of other CMS platforms.
  • A5 uses Drupal to deliver superior solutions for a wide array of clients with extensive experience in higher-education and University solutions.